Julien Courtiel


Welcome to the personal webpage of Julien Courtiel! I'm a computer science teacher/researcher working for Université de Caen Normandie, at the GREYC lab. My research team is named AMACC (which stands for Algorithms, calculation Models, Alea, Combinatorics, Complexity - and sometimes a C is added for Cooking).

Useful information

You can contact me by sending me an e-mail at julien.courtiel at unicaen.fr, or by phone (+33 2 31 56 73 75).

If you prefer to meet me in the flesh (and you should), you can visit me at Room S3 348 at Campus 2 in the S3 building.

A CV is available in French (last update: 2020).

Research focus

I am interested in enumerative combinatorics, and in particular everything dealing with bijective and asymptotic enumeration. I have notably worked on maps (graphs embedded on surfaces), and chord diagrams (which are graphical representations of set partitions/matchings), but my interest is not limited by those!