Julien Courtiel


Welcome to the personal website of Julien Courtiel! I am a computer science researcher working at Université de Caen. My (great) research team is called AMACC (Algorithmique, Modèles de calcul, Aléa, Cryptographie, Complexité), which is part of the GREYC entity. You may recognize me by my strong French accent (if you aren't French), or my strong Toulousain accent (if you aren't Toulousain).

Useful information

With Paul Dorbec, we look for a Master 2 student (check this page).

With Matthieu Dien and Wenjie Fang, we organized ALEA Young Researchers' Workshop 2019 in Normandy.

My new e-mail address is julien.courtiel at unicaen.fr. (The other addresses have become obsolete - sorry for the inconvience.)

My CV is available here in French, or here in English (but they certainly need some update).

Research focus

I am interested in enumerative combinatorics, and in particular everything dealing with bijective and asymptotic enumeration. I have notably worked on maps (graphs embedded on surfaces) and chord diagrams (which are graphical representations of set partitions/matchings), but my interest is not limited by those!